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Best Piling Pipe manufacturers generally deliver fully fabricated steel pile pipe

Steel pipe piles are mostly used in foundation works for marine structures (ports & offshore platforms), urban civil structures, infrastructures like oil & gas plants, bridges’ footings & abutments, and even as casing for concrete bored piles.

Steel pipe piles transfer the vertical load of a building or structure to deep or stagnant soil levels. They are of high demand because of the need for deeper and larger foundations due to level up in the magnitude of construction projects. This is imperative in many construction projects, especially infrastructures, situated in bodies of water which are of course requiring foundations to penetrate bedrocks. 

For designers, the main advantage of steel pipe piles is the versatility of options using their wide range (length, diameter, and thickness) of custom designs to suit different engineering needs.

At the site, they are easier to install compared to other materials like concrete piles, therefore, with the steel pipe piles, construction cost and time will automatically be reduced. They produce less noise and ground disturbance, low vibration during driving, and, minimum to zero breakages.

In many cases, in addition to vertical load-bearing as foundation piles, steel pipe piles are used as horizontal earth or water pressure supporting walls, such as steel pipe-pipe interlocking walls or mostly Steel pipe-sheet pile interlocking wall.

Steel pipe-sheet piles combination walls system are generally installed in cofferdams retaining walls, breakwaters, and, seawalls. It uses king pipe piles as the main pipe members, while the steel sheet piles provide cutoffs in the form of an interfill panel and the main soldier piles transfer loads to the structural members.

MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited supplies a wide variety of steel pipe pile around Nigeria so they are termed as best Piling Pipe Suppliers in Nigeria. And also many best piling pipes are manufactures in MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited, so their workers are also known as the best Piling Pipe manufacturers in Nigeria.

We manufacture best steel pipe piles and deliver them fully fabricated, with our value-added services and accessories, so they’re ready to drive. Pipe piles range in size from several millimeters to several meters in diameter and can be easily spliced to create piles over 100 meters in length.

MetalBerg Manufacturing has been engaged for many years as a preferred supplier, designer and installer of sheet piles, beams, pipe piles, structural steel fabrics, and other piling accessories. It has delivered many thousands of tons of pipe piling around the world.

For complete details of products, contact us on the number mentioned on our company’s website

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Metal Berg Manufacturing is best company in Nigeria, a member of Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited. We are specialized in all steel fabrication and construction. The main product is PEB (Pre-engineered Buildings) from steel. Under PEB we will have warehouses and multi-story steel structures.

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